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платим деньги за скачивание игр

Платим деньги за скачивание игр

For a monthly fee of rubles your graphical or text banners will be displayed on all pages of our site, forum included.

Мы в социальных сетях

If платим деньги за скачивание игр seriously intend to run your own site with computer games, movies, soft etc. You shall be provided with reliable and up-to-date statistics regarding your business: the chart of downloads, where both number and dynamics of downloads are depicted. We also empower your efficiency by issuing some opportunities for you to make even more money to sustain стать миллионером игра онлайн бесплатно на деньги без вложений site this stat will show you what files are popular and what are not for you to devise a better money-making policy and modalities of action.

Платим деньги за скачивание игр program is based exclusively on mutually beneficial conditions. As told before, if one draws visitors to the site using a referral link, he gets paid.

Payrolls are conducted for clicking on site link, downloading the files and watching ads.

Твое игровое золото

Every single download is considered and paid for proportionally. The uniqueness of user who downloads the file платим деньги за скачивание игр defined by his IP. The amount of payroll is counted judging exclusively by internal statistics. No external statistical sources are considered. Your revenue withdrawal can be requested no more often than once a week, with the amount over rubles.

Сколько можно заработать?

You may also set the schedule of withdrawals. In this case, they are processed automatically every month, provided that your balance exceeds rubles.

платим деньги за скачивание игр

The conditions are not requiring. Your files казино columbus downloaded — we pay for that. Payment schedule is adjustable, as it has been mentioned before, and can be alternated by yourself.

платим деньги за скачивание игр

Memory available: 1TB, long-term retaining of the files one year, with the possibility to prolong. Shortly after that, everybody is happy. Downloader gets the file, you get the money for his having clicked on ad and downloaded the file.

платим деньги за скачивание игр

We make the Downloader get neither extra soft, nor paid subscriptions, nor SMS confirmations. So that your file is utterly easy to download. It is this fact that makes the Downloader choose OUR mirror link, we earn priority by simplicity. Our revenue is based on advertisers whose ads are seen while downloading the file. If платим деньги за скачивание игр meet these simple requirements, your choice is to transform that into kind of job.

Social networks may also be used for getting the amount много денег на игру orso traffic needed. However, it is better to do it through so-called interpolating site in simple words, the one that receives traffic. They should sound natural not to seem like spam. For the beginner account a disk quote is Платим деньги за скачивание игр and the payment is made within 7 days.

Your disk quote increases max.

платим деньги за скачивание игр

Along with that, you will be receiving payments in 1 day платим деньги за скачивание игр of 7. No matter whether you are a beginner or VIP-user, you get rewarded for each download of your file. A distinguishing feature of FREE partnership Program is that you get the platform for keeping your files without paying anything. You have a unique opportunity to earn money without initial deposits and prepayments. It is not obligatory but recommended платим деньги за скачивание игр us that the file storage be used as rationally as possible and all of files you keep be profitable.

The administration is not interested in, and has not gotten the right for keeping track of any kind of information on the files you keep file red dead redemption 2 как заработать денег в начале игры, number of files, file contents etc.]



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Платим деньги за скачивание игр



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